What is appropriate on school blogs

Hey guys I’m going to tell you about what’s appropriate on school blogs. Whatever you do, do not put things with swearing on it. Believe me if you do you’ll be banned from blogging for a couple of terms! Do not put stuff that’s like M or MA on your blog because if you do you’ll be banned for a while as I was. I put some PS3 game called Call Of Duty and it was pretty violent. I mean this site is supposed to be an edublog and I was pretty dissapointed in myself for putting it on. I got my punishment and it’s no blogging for the rest of the year apart from if I’m supervised by Mrs Cliff (my teacher). Also don’t put made up words of yours or others because I can assure you they have different meanings! So take my advice and don’t think you can get away with it because you won’t! And just remember this is and edublog so it should be about educational stuff!

Why do we use images? How do images inprove your blog?

Images are a great way to spice up your blog! It makes your blog look like it’s perfect! It’s a great to support your facts like if you go down you’ll see that I have been on a cruiseship and in a stretch huma! Has anyone else done both of them in one day? Thought not! People say it’s weird to show people who you are but if you have a group of other people how do you know I’m not tall for my age or small for my age? So all in all I think images on a blog is great! Look how many visistors I’ve got! Maybe they liked the images!Just think about it! Do you like my images? My Where I live images a great!

The Kane Plane And Other Of My Awesome Friends!

Hi Guys! I know you love my blog and everything but you just have to visit my friends blogs! They may not be as good as mine but they are still pretty darn cool! Now not in order or anything these are my friends! My first friend is Kane, nicknamed the Kane Plane! He’s blog is orange and is awesome! He plays rugby union, tennis and ♥’s PS3! Pretty Cool!

My Second friend is Oliver, nicknamed midget because he is the smallest in the class. He’s blog is made of many different colours and is also awesome! He plays Rugby Union and ♥’s PS3!

My third friend is Harry, nicknamed Hazza! He’s blog is many different colours and is really, really cool! He plays Rugby Union, Tennis and ♥’s Xbox(Ps3 is better!)!

My next friend is Harrison, nicknamed Harrison(cool nickname huh)! He’s blog is about the same as Harry’s! He plays Rugby Union and ♥’s Xbox and Halo Reach!

My next friend is Liam, Nicknamed Kelly! He’s blog is green! He plays Rugby Union and a bit of PS3!

Next up is Brendan, nicknamed Gleny! He plays Rugby League (the best sport ever) and likes PS3! He also stole my theme!

My next friend is another Liam, nicknamed Brownie! He plays football/soccer and he ♥’s PS3!

My next friend is yet another Brendan, nicknamed Brendan(awesome nickname)! He plays football/soccer and ♥’s Xbox and Halo Reach! He also said chicken is not a meat and it’s closer to a vegetable! Ha Ha!

Lucky last is Griffin, nicknamed Griffdog! He does running and he plays PS3! He likes playing Rugby League  but doesn’t play it.

So there you have it! These awesome blogs and you better visit them!

When is it appropriate to pictures of you on the internet

I think that there is only one  timethat you can put pictures of you on the Internet. I think that you should only put pictures of you on myspace or facebook. You should do this because if you have left a school or part of your family lives somewhere far, far away from where you live.

If you just random pictures of you and your family on just any website you want I suggest you don’t. Especially When you put a caption under saying this is me Bob Brown or whatever your name is. On edublogs there is a few spammers that that want you to buy something or something and it’s not a good idea to put pictures on edublogs if that happens.

I suggest you take my advice and use it wisely.


How to improve your blog!

Hey guys. As you all probably know I am taking part in the Sep 2010 Student Blogging challenge. Miss W asked us to write about how we think you can improve your blog. I think that first you need to change your theme. Once you’ve done that make a few posts. Once you’ve done that I found that adding a flag counter is really cool. If you look on my left sidebar you’ll find that I have a lot of visitors. Now you can make an about page. I assume taht you’ve already done all these things so here is some more cool things that make people go WOW at your blog. I suggest that you add a widgets page. You can heaps of widgets from a site called widget box. It has a lot of fun games and things about the news. Add a video page aswell. Here you can show interests and show people things for a laugh. I suggest to get the videos from Youtube. Add a few widgets on the side bar and you’ll have an absoulute perfect blog.

So please use my ideas wisley. BYE!

5 Best Stalls At The Fete!

Last Saturday our school had a Fete. A fete is sort of like a fair. It had rides, food and raffles. It was so fun! But I am here to tell you about the 5 Best stalls or rides at the Fete. I am going to start at 5, then 4, then 3, then 2,then the best one.
The fifth best one was the chair merry-go-round sort of thing. You sat in a chair and then it spins round and round and round. It had about 15 chairs and I was lucky because I was the 15th person to get on. It was so fun because it just spun around for ages and I leaned out and gave my friends a high five. You could put your arms and legs out and it felt like you were floating.

The fourth best was the jumping castle. That was so fun because I was early so I was allowed to stay on for as long as I wanted. I was bouncing into walls and getting smashed as I fell to the ground. I tried to jump on and hang on to the little things that stuck up from the castle. I had races with my friends to see who could bounce to the end the quickest while going in one line.

Snow cones were the 3rd best. It was a hot day so when I had a taste of those snow cones I was so refreshed. The cool thing was that you got to choose your flavour\s. You got the ice in a cup and then you go up to a flavour thing. You got choose as many as you want. I chose strawberry, blueberyy and cola. It tasted great.

Coming in at number 2 was the Gladiators. There were 2 platforms, one was red and one was blue. The person on the blue team got a blue pole and the red person got a red pole. You got to hit eachother with and see who was the last man standing. It gave people a chance to have a fight with their friends without getting in trouble. Not that I want to hurt theem or anything 🙂 .

Now the one that you’ve all been waiting for. The Big, The Bad, The Epic Bungee Trampoline! You get strapped to a harnes then you get onthe trampoline and start jumping. You go so high! You can do backflips, frontlips, late backflips and late frontflips. The cool thing was you got to stay on for ages. I saw 6 year olds doing backflips like they were born to. It was so fun. The only bad thing is that it gave you a mega wedgie!

So the Fete was a real success. It raised over 35,000 Aust Dollars. The money will go towards a new playground that will just be over the other side of our classes balcony.


Father’s Day

My Dad is the most awesome and the coolest Dad in the whole universe (that’s right all you martians). He used to work in the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) as the captain of 3 Squadron. Now he trains wannabe fighter pilots to fly in a simulator. He also cooks beautiful foods like sausages and curry.

When he was in the RAAF he fought in the Iraq war and survived. He also flew 200 hours in a F-18 Hornet (all together). He has many awards that show his commitment to his last job. He was captain of 3 Squadron which was the third Squadron made. It was made in WWI. Now he works in Milskil which is a service that shows wannabe fighter pilots how to fly on a simulator. He still works a reserve in the RAAF, so he is one of the people who organise Airshows like the one coming up in Williamtown, Australia. He also gets to see the cool new Super Hornet. He also got to drive a Porsche 911. He is very successful in his job.

So he may not be like Superman to you, he is to me. Even if he doesn’t have a cape.


photo by flickrlicenced by creative commans attribution

A Couple Of Cool Sites

This week Mrs Cliff asked us to write about our favourite site/s on a computer.

My favourite sites are glogster and coolmath.

Glogster is sort of like a blog but it has many interactive things like moving animals and stick figures playing guitar. They are almost like widgets but you don’t get them off a widget website like widgia . You can still write and add links, pictures and videos but the writing can have a really cool border. You can change the background to really, really cool backgrounds like diamonds and even pictures. You can make many “glogs” as we call them. As many as you want.

CoolMath is a maths website with games, Work sheets and more games. Most games are for math but there is some fun ones to have fun like Bloons Tower Defence 1,2 and 3. You can do cool jigsaw puzzles aswell.

So next time you’re out of posts go and give glogster a go. And if you wnat some games to play go on coolmath and have some fun.

Another good site is karaokeplay. It plays a song(they are mostly old ones) and if you have a microphone for your computer you can sing along and get a score. If you don’t have microphone you can still sing along but you don’t get a score.

Jarred Mullen Cup

On Monday the 9th of August some boys and I and 2 girls from my school played 6 games of football (rugby league) against 6 other schools around our region (Port Stephens). We came 4th, but we should of come second because we versed a school called Wirreanda. We were tying until the hooter went and the referee didn’t hear it. We got tackled 3 times and then we dropped it. They picked it up and scored. We were gobsmacked!
We won half of our games against Shoal Bay, St Michaels and Tomaree. We drew against Anna bay, lost to Wirreanda (we shoudn’t have) and lost 4 tries to nil against stockton. I played halfback and loved it. So we missed out on the final but, you know who cares. I still had lot’s of fun and I’m sure the rest of my team did too.

School Camp!!!!

Last week my stage and I went on an awesome camp at Dora Creek in NSW. It was my first school camp ever so I was so excited. When we got there is looked so good! I had shaky legs from a long bus trip though. It had heaps of things there! We went and had lunch and then we came out for our first activity, which was archery for our group. Our group leader for that day Russel. He showed us how to load and shoot. I went alright but not the best. The next activity was the flying fox and it was AWESOME! It was my third favourite. I went first with my friend Kane. I beat him down but he beat me running up. Then we went in for showers and to get ready for dinner. It was good but my mum cooks better. Then we went for a games night and my team won! We were the happy purple Japanese. Go Japan! No offense other countries. Then we went to the campfire and the instructors gave us hot chocolate with cookies and marshmallows. We also got told a story about a boy called Billy but I won’t spoil it for you. Then we went to sleep in our cabins.

We woke up at 6:45 in the morning. We got dressed and then went to brekky. I had a full bowl of coco-pops and pancakes with maple syrup. After that we went to our third activity and met our new instructor. Our activity was orienteering. It was better than I thought. It was cool. It was like a treasure hunt. There were gnomes all round the site and we didn’t find all of them because it was really hard and confusing. Our fourth activity was the teamwork matrix it was cool it was low ropes just about. We had three people in a group and 1 person was walking around and the other 2 were there just in case he/she falls. Then we went in for lunch. It was good again. Then we did high ropes. It was awesome! There was a course that we had to go around and there were obstacles that you could use or forget about and leave. I used a couple of them which were hard to use and left a few that were easier to hold on to. After that we did the worst activity, canoeing! It was so bad! I got rashes all over my legs from the water and sore arms from carrying them. So then we went in for our dinner. It was an alright spaghetti bolognese but I like mum’s better. We didn’t have desert 🙁 Instead we had a county fair! There was a surfboard sort of ride, a run and stack, a milshakes stand, a donut eating comp, snow cones, hairspray, massage and face paint. It was so good. I slept well that night. I woke up and we saved the best for last. We had the same brekky as the day before but afterwards was awesome! We had the GIANT SWING! It was so fun! I went first and I went 13 metres from the ground (full height) and dropped. It was like a mega awesome swing. Wait it was. Next up was rock climbing. I coudn’t finish the red wall but finished the yellow easy. I did it 3 times. Finally for lunch we had snow cones and a foot long sausage roll and then went home. So if your school is in NSW beg your teaches to go to Morisset camp but maybe pass on the canoeing. Unless you got long skins or track pants.